Trust 30 Point to Give 100% For Your HVAC Service

Trust 30 Point to Give 100% For Your HVAC Service

Call us today for heating & cooling repairs, maintenance in Doddridge, Texarkana, AR & Texarkana, TX

Comfort is often something we take for granted. There's the saying, "You never know what you've got until it's gone." If your heating or air conditioning units are malfunctioning, then you know the feeling.

30 Point Service Company is here to 100% address and rectify any heating or cooling issues. We perform a wide range of HVAC services for both light commercial and residential units throughout the Doddridge area including Texarkana. You can count on our knowledge to provide you with whatever HVAC solution you need - from general maintenance (using our 30 point check system) to repairs and replacement services as well.

30 Point Service Company can assist with:

•General service and repairs of heating/cooling units
•Assistance with heat pumps, gas/electric furnaces
•Retro-fitting and installations of new units
•Ventilation and duct work, including installation
•Routine maintenance service, seasonal or otherwise

When you contact us for service or maintenance, we will perform a 30 point inspection of your heating or air conditioning system. This includes cleaning, testing, checking, inspecting and spraying a variety of different elements to ensure the longevity and functionality of your unit. If any of the elements we check aren't functioning as normal, we will make sure to let you know and suggest a solution for the issue.

Alongside our 30 point inspection services, we offer a number of other beneficial items to ensure you're completely satisfied with our services. 30 Point Service Company offers free estimates and 15% discounts for seniors, churches, veterans and first responders.

We also don't charge for overtime, because you don't get to choose when your HVAC unit starts acting up. Trust that we know the value of comfort and we'll do whatever it takes for you to be comfortable in your home and with our services.

For your heating or cooling repair in Doddridge or Texarkana (or for any of our other HVAC services), call the team at 30 Point Service Company right away.